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Genetic Hair Loss

Sometimes there just isn't anything that you can do. You are predestined to lose your hair, based on the fact that you have a history of hair loss in your family.  Genetic hair loss has a family history and typically occurs gradually over several years.

Even though your hair loss is inevitable, there are many things that you can do to slow down the process or even reduce it.

Many over the counter solutions, such as Rogaine are highly effective for genetic hair loss.

The key is to treat the hair as soon as you see any signs of hair thinning.  If you wait too long into the thinning process, there may be a point in time where there is nothing that you can do.

In addition to treatments for genetic hair loss, there are other options available, such as toupees, wigs or even hair extensions that can add thickness and volume to your current hair style.

There are many new advancements in hair loss science so it always pays to stay on top of the latest research and findings.



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