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Postpartum Alopecia

How to Conceal Hair Loss Following Pregnancy

By Antoinette Boulay

Many women suffer from gradual or sudden hair loss after pregnancy, known as Postpartum Alopecia.

Hair loss after pregnancy is seen at different times; it can occur after parturition or after nursing ends. It has been known women to startle women when they see clumps of their hair coming out during a shower or brushing their hair. But it is normal to experience hair loss after pregnancy- up to six months to a year after childbirth.

Hair loss after pregnancy is primarily due to the simple fact that a woman’s body prefers nourishing the newborn rather than her hair.

What happens is this: usually, around 85-95% of your hair is in the growth stage at any time, but hormonal changes during pregnancy encourage an increase in the percentage of hairs in the growth phase. Consequently, many women benefit from thicker hair during pregnancy, as more hairs than normal are growing and a smaller amount than normal are shedding.

There are numerous hair styling techniques suitable for new mothers. One of the options for keeping hair attractive is using a volumizing tonic. These types of treatments are water-based and alcohol-free. To use, shower, towel dry your hair, then spray the tonic 3 times on the aides and top of your head, bend over and spray another few shots at the underneath of your hair. Style as usual and expect good volume, shiny hair.

Another idea to correct hair loss after pregnancy is to go for a better cut or new hair style. Some women prefer to get a shorter haircut or one that involves less maintenance. Consider having a few highlights woven in around your face line to highlight facial features.

You can choose hair accessories such as temporary hair extensions that can be taped with a special kind of tape right onto your existing hair. The temporary hair extensions last for several days and then can be safely removed with a solution that comes with them.

Finally, stylish scarves or headbands are the perfect fit for areas of hair loss near the temple, or over the ears and around the hairline, which is where most of the post-partum loss is seen.

By adopting these styling tricks, temporary hair loss after pregnancy can easily be handled and attending any evening event with your new born is a breeze. And rest assured that your hair's growth cycle will usually return to normal within a year after the birth of your child.

Antoinette Boulay writes for, where you can read about Home Haircutting Tips and Cellulite Cures

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