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Hair Loss Myths

Top 10 Myths About Hair Loss
By Jen Carter

Have you ever seen the show Myth Busters? Well we’re about to bust some common myths and misconceptions related to hair loss. Call us the ‘Hair-Myth Busters.’ The following myths have been passed on for generations. Some of them have been heard so many times that they must be true. Right? No. A myth is just that–a myth. There’s no scientific evidence that supports any of these tall tales.

Myth 1: Wearing a ball-cap can make you go bald.

Oh, we‘ve all heard this one before. Now ask yourself this: How come all of the professional baseball players aren’t bald? This old tale is assumed to be passed down from the time of WWI. Incidentally, soldiers started reporting hair loss and attributed it to their uniform hats. We could only attribute these reports as coincidence, as men display signs of male pattern baldness in their twenties.

Myth 2: Men who are balding should trim their hair every few weeks. It will make hair grow back faster.

Sorry guys, it isn’t true. Your head is not a lawn. Hair cannot be compared to weeds. When hair is gone, it’s gone–unless of course it’s temporary hair loss. That’s entirely different. Otherwise, medical treatments are the only solution to re-grow missing hair.

Myth 3: Split ends must be repaired or you’ll go bald!

Unfortunately there’s nothing that can ‘repair’ split ends. Nevertheless, split ends should be cut off, as the split ends will spread and promote more damage to your hair.

Myth 4: Men and women experiencing hair loss aren’t brushing their hair enough.

Woah! This ‘Hair Myth’ has been busted. Excessive brushing is the leading contributor to split ends and breakage of hair. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t groom yourself anymore! Just get your hair the way you want it and put the brush down! Nobody needs to stroke their hair with a brush 100 times a day.

Myth 5: If you shave your head, less hair will grow back

Spare us the Hair Scare! You can’t shave away your hair follicles…Your hair will grow back if you shave your head.

Myth 6: Balding Men should pluck all of their gray hair, as two hairs will grow back in place of each one!

If this were true, balding men would be pulling out their gray’s by the fistful, just to get a full head of hair. I suppose they’d dye it later…But this story is obviously bogus.

Myth 7: Baldness can always be traced back to the mother’s side of the family.

Poor mom! While pattern baldness is genetic, it can be passed down from the mother or father’s side. It may or may not skip generations. Guys, don’t expect mom to reimburse you for your Minoxidil purchases!

Myth 8: Most women aren’t attracted to bald men.

Um, tell that to Bruce Willis, Billy Zane, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Montel Williams, Billy Corgan, Michael Stipe, Charles Barkley, Stanley Tucci, Samuel L. Jackson, Nicholas Cage, and Vin Diesel. This one is obviously nothing more than a myth.

Myth 9: Losing 100 hairs a day is NOT normal.

Actually, that’s very normal. That’s the average amount of hair that a person sheds on a daily basis.

Myth 10: Blow Dryers Cause Hair Loss

Not exactly. Blow Dryers can over-dry and damage your hair. But once the damaged hair fall out, new hair will replace it. Balding isn’t connected with blow-drying your hair.

About the author:
Jen Carter is staff writer and member of Inhairit - a site providing all natural hair loss treatment for men and women. Find out all about hair loss and your options at