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Hair Type and Texture

Hair type refers to the amount of wave pattern that is in the hair strand.  Different types of hair include straight, wavy, curly or coiled hair strands.

Natural curls are believed to have formed as the result of one side of the hair strand growing faster than the other side.  Hair that grows at the same rate on both sides does not create tension and will result in straight hair.

Most Asians have extremely straight hair, Caucasians have straight to wavy hair and African Americans tend to have extremely curly hair.

Hair Texture refers to the thickness or diameter of the hair strand.  Hair texture can be classified as coarse, medium or fine.  It is possible to have different hair textures in different areas of your head.

Coarse Hair Texture-This hair has the largest diameter and has the strongest structure.  It typically requires more processing than other textures of hair and it is more difficult for chemicals such as hair color, permanent waving solutions, hair relaxers to penetrate coarse hair.

Medium hair textures-This is the most common hair texture and is the standard to which all hair is compared.

Fine hair texture-This hair has the smallest diameter and is more fragile than medium hair.  It is easier the process, yet more prone to damage from chemical services than other types of hair texture.

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