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Non Surgical Options

There are many different non surgical options available today for hair loss situations.

Hair extensions are available for some hair loss situations.  They involve attaching human or synthetic hair in strands or wefts to your natural hair by one of many methods available.  They offer a very natural looking option.

For more information on hair extensions, read the E-book, Hair Extensions-The official consumers guide to getting hair extensions, available at the Hair Resources Bookstore.

Hair Integrations involve creating a skin-like base with human or synthetic hair attached to it.  This base is then attached directly to your scalp for a natural free-flowing look.

Wigs and toupees are also available and can get quite expensive as you increase the quality of the hair that is used to create them.   The toupees are typically created using a fine net base and attached via weaving, tracks, adhesive or sewing.

Many hair stylists attend training classes in order to be able to offer these non surgical options for hair loss.


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