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Temporary Hair Loss

Is My Hair Loss Temporary?
By Jen Carter

What defines temporary hair loss? When and how does it occur? Temporary hair loss can be caused by many factors. This condition can happen in men and women alike.

Reasons for temporary hair loss may include: intake of medications, pregnancy, stress, and sickness. It can strike people of all ages, but usually targets men and women from the ages of twenty to forty years of age.

If you’re experiencing an excessive amount of shedding that seems quite rapid; temporary hair loss is questionable. If you’re familiar with the expression ‘it runs in the family,’ than you may question your genetic disposition. Men who have a family history which consists of bald men are highly likely to become bald themselves. This male pattern baldness is clinically referred to as Androgenetic Alopecia. This condition is normally determined by a thin receding hairline which deteriorates gradually. Although a man may carry the gene for this condition, it does not necessarily mean that he will go bald. It just means that his chances for hair loss are higher than a man who does not carry the gene.

If your hair loss is sudden and drastic you’d most definitely benefit from consulting a physician. Your doctors may pinpoint the culprit of your condition, offer advice, and/or recommend non-surgical medical treatment. Quite often, temporary hair loss is a warning sign given by your body. Your body may be sending you a message that you’re ill or that it’s lacking something. The human body works in mysterious ways.

Several conditions that display symptoms of temporary transient hair loss include: hyperthyroidism, thyroid hormone deficiency, severe anemia, inadequate iron intake, pregnancy, and stress. If you’ve recently undergone surgery, expect to shed an abnormal amount of hair. While it may seem odd, many surgical patients are alarmed by the amount of hair they shed weeks after a procedure. Doctors normally tell patients to expect this. Nevertheless, you should contact your own physician, as every person reacts differently to medications and surgical procedures.

If your hair loss is temporary, remain patient and calm. Stress will only aggravate the re-growth of your hair. One important thing to note : many changes in a man and woman’s hair cycle can be caused by excessive worry and high-fever. Should this be the case for your condition, rest assured that these changes in appearance are almost always temporary. If you’ve waited a sufficient amount of time and see no progress, you should contact a physician for their medical advice.

Jen Carter is staff writer for Inhairit the creator of a female and male hair loss treatment program at, and has written hundreds of articles and tips about dealing with hair loss. For more hair care tips and articles, visit

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